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Go Fresh! is an award-winning Botswana-based agricultural operation that utilizes the latest greenhouse and hydroponic technology to locally grow Grade-1 vegetables consistently, year-round.  Go Fresh! grows food-safety certified tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, leafy greens and herbs.  The business has created 45 skilled and unskilled agriculture jobs, and can create over 725 new jobs over the next three years by deploying best-in-class technology with an ISO9001 quality management system, and an operating model that has been proven over the last 3 years. 


Using a distributed growing methodology, Go Fresh! supplies domestic markets, with the opportunity to expand into specialized export markets and further distributed operations across the continent.  Go Fresh! provides a sustainable solution for our grocery retailers, wholesalers, hospitality and tourism customers with high-quality produce that has long shelf life and low-carbon footprint by growing near major distribution and consumption hubs.


Fodder Green grows high-quality animal feed in distributed farms using 0.5% of the water and 1000X less land than growing lucerne (alfalfa) in an irrigated field. Fresh barley and legume sprouts are grown 365-days a year and take only 6 days from seed to feed. High in protein, minerals and amino acids, fresh sprouts provide a highly nutritious feed for cattle, horse, pigs, small stock, chickens and game that leads to superior feeding results.


Fodder fed animals have higher fertility, better milk production in dairy cows and weight gains in intensive feeding programs. Fodder Green presents the opportunity to transform the livestock farming system in Africa, including the introduction of viable dairy farming.  Fodder Green is currently in the start-up phase and Accite runs fodder machines producing 1.5T of fresh feed per day.

Infinite Foods’ mission is to enable Africa and frontier markets leapfrog to healthy, plant-forward diets, while transforming agriculture, creating jobs and sustaining communities. 


Infinite Foods is a go-to-market platform for the leading plant-based food brands to reach Sub-Saharan Africa and frontier markets faster, with low risk.  Infinite provides a turn-key capability to manage the regulatory environment, educate consumers, create markets, amplify brands, sell, distribute, source ingredients and enable manufacturing while being responsible corporate citizens. 


We enable our brand partners, such as Beyond Meat, Oatly, Miyokos, JUST Egg and Good Catch to increase revenue and impact by reaching the African consumer and tourism market.

Crossover Meat is a food technology company providing more affordable and environmentally friendly beef alternatives to global markets, including China, US and Sub-Saharan Africa. 


The world-wide demand for meat is exploding, driven primarily from emerging markets with fast growing populations and expanding middle classes. The world’s current natural resources are struggling to sustain the projected global demand for protein, in particular red meat, using current agricultural and livestock rearing practices. 


Crossover Meat provides hybrid meat products made from all-natural ingredients, that are affordable and environmentally sustainable


Michelle Adelman is a seasoned strategist, recognized business leader and fierce mission-driven investor.  Her firm Accite is focused on building sustainable food and agriculture technology business in Sub-Saharan Africa and growth markets that spur economic diversification and employment of youth and women.  

Ms. Adelman has 30 years of business experience as a former Global Managing Director for Accenture, CEO of a US-based home health services company, and Group Strategy Executive for the pan-African Econet Group.  In 2017, Ms. Adelman was named by CEO Global as Africa’s Most Influential Woman – Business & Professional Services and in 2019, Ms. Adelman was named to the Forbes Africa “20 New Wealth Creators” list.

Our work


Accite is a boutique project development and impact investment firm that focuses on technology-led, sustainable commercial agriculture projects that spur economic diversification and employment of youth and women. Accite’s investment philosophy marries proven western technologies with localized business models to create pioneering businesses.


Food security is a major global concern, the consequences of which are most acutely felt in Africa and other emerging markets. Accite believes that technology-led, sustainable agriculture is a viable growth sector for Africa’s transformation. We are focused on changing the performance and perception of this sector to make it an attractive option for Africa’s biggest potential asset: the youth.  Each business is focused on filling a key demand gap in the supply chain, while extending the commercial model to community out-growers, to transform smallholders into key members of the value chain.


Combining technology, capacity building and strategic capital investments, agricultural projects will enable the continent to be more food-secure, and reduce the risk of conflict and malnutrition.


PO Box 362ABG Sebele, Gaborone, Botswana

1401 Lavaca Street #130 

Austin, TX 78701, USA

Tel: +267 3911413



Accite is committed to creating impact by creating youth employment and long-term sustainable businesses that enable communities.  In addition, Accite is active as a community contributor.


Accite’s corporate social responsibility program focuses on key themes: 

  • Improvement of the lives of children through the promotion of early childhood education;

  • Development of leadership and entrepreneurial skills for youth; and

  • Proactive support and counseling to address gender-based violence

Accite is an active contributor to Travel for Impact Fund that provides sustainable funding to carefully selected non-profit organizations and supports those organizations with strategy, capacity development and the measurement of objectives. 


Accite has also teamed with the Sir Ketumile Masire Foundation to support its youth and agriculture initiatives.

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